A Guide to the Best Seafood Restaurants in Coastal Towns

A Guide to the Best Seafood Restaurants in Coastal Towns

Are you a seafood lover looking to indulge in the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide to the best seafood restaurants in coastal towns will help you discover hidden gems and popular eateries that offer mouthwatering seafood options. From traditional fish and chips to gourmet seafood platters, this guide has something for every seafood enthusiast. Whether you’re visiting a seaside destination or simply looking to satisfy your cravings, let this guide be your go-to resource for all things seafood.

Top Seafood Restaurants in East Coast Towns

1.1. Best Seafood Restaurant in Cape Cod

When it comes to enjoying fresh seafood in Cape Cod, The Lobster Pot is a must-visit. This iconic restaurant has been serving up delicious seafood dishes for over 40 years. From their famous lobster bisque to their mouthwatering clam chowder, The Lobster Pot offers a wide variety of options for seafood lovers.

1.2. Top Picks in Martha’s Vineyard

For a unique seafood dining experience in Martha’s Vineyard, look no further than The Net Result. This seafood market and restaurant offers a casual atmosphere where you can enjoy freshly prepared seafood dishes. Their lobster rolls and fried clams are highly recommended by locals and tourists alike.

1.3. Must-Try Spots in Nantucket

If you find yourself in Nantucket and craving seafood, be sure to check out Straight Wharf Restaurant. This upscale restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a focus on locally sourced seafood. Their raw bar selection and seafood platters are popular choices among diners looking for a taste of the ocean.

Hidden Gems in West Coast Coastal Towns

2.1. Local Favorites in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant culinary scene. When it comes to seafood, locals have their favorite spots that offer fresh and delicious dishes. Some hidden gems in Santa Barbara include:

  • Brophy Bros. – A family-owned seafood restaurant located right on the harbor, known for its clam chowder and fresh seafood platters.
  • The Lark – While not a traditional seafood restaurant, The Lark offers unique seafood dishes with a twist, such as grilled octopus and seafood paella.
  • Santa Barbara Shellfish Company – A casual seafood market and restaurant where you can enjoy fresh oysters, crab legs, and lobster rolls.

2.2. Unique Seafood Eats in Monterey

Monterey is a seafood lover’s paradise, with its abundance of fresh seafood straight from the bay. For those looking for unique seafood experiences, some hidden gems in Monterey include:

  • Abalonetti Bar & Grill – Known for its famous calamari dishes, this restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood options, including abalone and local rockfish.
  • Passionfish – A sustainable seafood restaurant that sources its seafood locally, Passionfish offers a seasonal menu with unique dishes like sea urchin risotto and grilled sardines.
  • Flaherty’s Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar – A local favorite for its fresh oysters, crab cakes, and seafood platters, Flaherty’s is a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts.

2.3. Best Crab Shack in San Francisco

San Francisco is famous for its seafood, especially its crab dishes. For the best crab shack experience in the city, head to:

  • Crab House at Pier 39 – A waterfront restaurant known for its fresh Dungeness crab dishes, including crab cakes, crab bisque, and whole roasted crab. The Crab House offers stunning views of the bay and a lively atmosphere that adds to the overall dining experience.

    Seafood Delights in Gulf Coast Destinations

3.1. Gulf Shores Seafood Restaurants

Gulf Shores, Alabama is a popular destination for seafood lovers. With its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, the restaurants in Gulf Shores offer a variety of fresh seafood options. Some must-visit seafood restaurants in Gulf Shores include The Hangout, Fisher’s at Orange Beach Marina, and King Neptune’s Seafood Restaurant.

3.2. Cajun Flavors in New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its vibrant food scene, and seafood is a big part of that. The Cajun and Creole influences in the cuisine add a unique flavor to the seafood dishes in the city. When in New Orleans, be sure to try the seafood gumbo at The Gumbo Shop, the oysters at Acme Oyster House, and the crawfish at Deanie’s Seafood.

3.3. Fresh Catches in Key West

Key West, Florida is a paradise for seafood lovers. With its location right on the water, Key West offers an abundance of fresh catches. Some top seafood restaurants in Key West include Pepe’s Cafe, Louie’s Backyard, and Blue Heaven. Be sure to try the conch fritters, the lobster bisque, and the Key West pink shrimp while dining in Key West.


In conclusion, exploring the best seafood restaurants in coastal towns offers a unique culinary experience that showcases the fresh and authentic flavors of the sea. From casual seafood shacks to upscale dining establishments, each restaurant highlighted in this guide offers its own take on delicious seafood dishes. Whether you’re a seafood lover or looking to try something new, these coastal town restaurants are sure to satisfy your taste buds with their delectable seafood offerings. So next time you find yourself near a coastal town, be sure to check out one of these top seafood restaurants for a dining experience you won’t soon forget.

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