A Guide to the Best Seafood Markets in Major Cities

A Guide to the Best Seafood Markets in Major Cities

Are you a seafood lover looking for the freshest catch in your city? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a tour of the best seafood markets in major cities around the world. From bustling fish markets in Tokyo to quaint seafood stalls in Boston, we’ll help you discover the hidden gems where you can find the highest quality seafood to satisfy your cravings. So, get ready to embark on a culinary journey and explore the vibrant seafood scene in your city!

New York City Seafood Markets

Fulton Fish Market

Located in the Bronx, the Fulton Fish Market is one of the oldest and largest seafood markets in the world. It has been operating for over 180 years and is known for its wide selection of fresh fish and shellfish. The market is open to the public and offers a unique opportunity to witness the bustling trade of seafood in the heart of New York City.

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

Situated in the trendy neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. is a popular seafood market known for its sustainable and locally sourced seafood. The market offers a variety of fresh fish, shellfish, and prepared seafood dishes. Customers can also enjoy a seafood-focused menu at the market’s restaurant.

Astoria Seafood

Located in the diverse neighborhood of Astoria, Queens, Astoria Seafood is a hidden gem for seafood lovers. This market allows customers to handpick their seafood from a wide selection of fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood products. Visitors can also have their seafood cooked on-site for a delicious and convenient meal.

Los Angeles Seafood Markets

Fisherman’s Outlet

Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Fisherman’s Outlet has been a favorite seafood destination for locals and tourists alike. With a wide selection of fresh fish, shellfish, and seafood products, this market offers high-quality products at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for shrimp, crab, or the catch of the day, Fisherman’s Outlet has it all.

Santa Monica Seafood

For those on the Westside, Santa Monica Seafood is a must-visit destination for all seafood lovers. With a commitment to sustainability and quality, this market offers a diverse range of seafood options sourced from local fishermen and suppliers. From wild-caught salmon to fresh oysters, Santa Monica Seafood has something for everyone.

Fish King

Located in Glendale, Fish King is a family-owned and operated seafood market that has been serving the community for over 70 years. Known for their friendly service and top-notch products, Fish King offers a wide variety of fresh fish, smoked seafood, and gourmet items. Whether you’re looking to stock up on seafood for a special occasion or simply craving a delicious seafood meal, Fish King has you covered.

Chicago Seafood Markets

Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop

Located in the heart of Chicago, Dirk’s Fish & Gourmet Shop offers a wide selection of fresh seafood sourced from sustainable fisheries. Whether you’re looking for Alaskan king crab legs, Maine lobster, or Gulf shrimp, Dirk’s has you covered. The knowledgeable staff is always willing to provide cooking tips and recommendations for the best ways to prepare your seafood.

Island Party Hut

If you’re in the mood for a more casual seafood dining experience, look no further than Island Party Hut. This laid-back seafood market offers a variety of freshly prepared dishes such as fish tacos, seafood boils, and ceviche. Enjoy your meal on their outdoor patio overlooking the Chicago River for a truly memorable seafood experience.

The Fish Guy Market & Cafe

For seafood enthusiasts looking for a one-stop shop, The Fish Guy Market & Cafe is the place to go. This market offers a wide variety of fresh seafood options, as well as prepared dishes such as crab cakes, lobster rolls, and clam chowder. Don’t forget to check out their selection of specialty sauces and seasonings to take your seafood dishes to the next level.


Exploring the best seafood markets in major cities is not only a culinary adventure but also a way to experience the rich and diverse seafood offerings from around the world. From bustling markets in Tokyo to hidden gems in Barcelona, each city offers a unique selection of fresh seafood that is sure to delight any seafood enthusiast. Whether you’re a local looking for the freshest catch of the day or a visitor eager to sample the local delicacies, these seafood markets are a must-visit destination for any seafood lover. So next time you find yourself in a major city, be sure to check out one of these top seafood markets for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

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